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Welcome to our course Virtual Leadership Essentials! We are glad you are here.

Your leadership of virtual teams has been your 'new normal' now for a while (if it was not that already before the global pandemic). And while you can apply many of your well-honed team leadership skills to your setting, you will have likely discovered that creating and maintaining a culture and practice of trust, psychological safety, cohesion, motivation, communication modes, boundary setting, performance monitoring, and problem-solving as well as conflict management tend to be more challenging in a virtual (or hybrid) team. Not to talk about nurturing candor as well as having some fun while at work! 

At the same time, virtual teamwork has some clear benefits and advantages – as long as you as a team leader know how to use these opportunities to the full extent. 

Learning Objectives 

This course will help you learn:

  1. The reasons why some team dynamics and ways of working are more challenging for you as a team leader
  2. What, strategically, you can do differently as a team leader to create an optimally motivated, happy, and productive team
  3. What management tools, tips, and tricks you can use on a daily basis to keep your team(s) ‘humming’
  4. How to increase the resilience of yourself as a leader, and that of your team
  5. How to apply your best conflict management skills in the setting of virtual (or hybrid) teams
  6. How to strategically design your organization and your team’s ways of working for the new employee experience (post-pandemic), for the long term?


If you decide this is exactly what you need as a virtual or hybrid team leader at this moment in time, then head over to the registration page to add your name to our cohort!

If you would like to first have a call with one of the two coaches in the course, Tosca and Ahmed, please email us at [email protected] and we will set up a conversation to answer your questions and concerns.

Your Learning Objectives:

We believe that learning objectives should be personal and negotiated in the case of any learning opportunity. Please look at the above objectives and merge them with your own by using the learning journal to jot down why you are taking the course and what your expectations are. Please make sure to download the learning journal to your device.

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